12 US States Not Safe For Your Family

That's what state and city rankings publisher Morgan Quitno Press reveals in its annual list of the most dangerous states to live in.

States are compared against the national average for six dastardly crimes, each carrying equal weight.

No. 1 -- Nevada

Nevada may not have the highest murder rate, but its crime rankings across the board offer the highest odds of a crime against you and your family.

Rankings by Crime

Murder: 3
Rape: 11
Robbery: 2
Assault: 13
Burglary: 7
Motor Vehicle Theft: 1

No. 2 -- New Mexico

New Mexico's coiffed tourist image of open desert spaces, earth-conscious living and colorful hot-air balloons belie a serious crime problem in this border state.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 6
Rape: 2
Robbery: 25
Assault: 2
Burglary: 2
Motor Vehicle Theft: 14

No. 3 -- Arizona

Another border state tops the list of Most Dangerous States; there's more to fear here than black widow spiders and scorpions.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 5
Rape: 24
Robbery: 15
Assault: 16
Burglary: 11
Motor Vehicle Theft: 2

No. 4 -- Maryland

Hugging the nation's high-crime capital, struggling to revitalize Baltimore and growing its gambling industry, Maryland has the highest murder and robbery rate.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 1
Rape: 45
Robbery: 1
Assault: 8
Burglary: 26
Motor Vehicle Theft: 6

No. 5 -- Tennessee

Tennessee residents might sing about love for country and neighbor, but lag behind in showing it. The state earns the No. 2 slot for most assaults. Maybe that's just how country boys work out their issues.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 9
Rape: 20
Robbery: 7
Assault: 2
Burglary: 4
Motor Vehicle Theft: 13

No. 6 -- South Carolina

Whatever happened to Southern hospitality? Sunny South Carolina is charged with the highest assault problem in the Most Dangerous States list.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 6
Rape: 10
Robbery: 17
Assault: 1
Burglary: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 19

No. 7 -- Alaska

Alaska is plagued with having the highest number of rape cases. There could be a correlation with alcohol abuse, also known to plague the state.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 24
Rape: 1
Robbery: 34
Assault: 5
Burglary: 28
Motor Vehicle Theft: 18

No. 8 -- Florida

It has been commented on a city-data.com forum that Florida crime is not concentrated in one area, but rather spread across the state.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 23
Rape: 19
Robbery: 6
Assault: 4
Burglary: 13
Motor Vehicle Theft: 12

No. 9 -- California

Even though California makes the top 12 list for Most Dangerous States, the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice states that crime rates in California have fallen over the last two decades.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 10
Rape: 38
Robbery: 5
Assault: 17
Burglary: 23
Motor Vehicle Theft: 5

No. 10 -- Louisiana

Tied with Maryland for the state with the highest murder rate, according to the Southern Digest, Louisiana also has the second highest number of black homicides.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 1
Rape: 28
Robbery: 21
Assault: 6
Burglary: 16
Motor Vehicle Theft: 25

No. 11 -- Michigan

In a city-data.com Michigan forum, it is noted that the east side of Michigan, which is also where lower economic areas are, carries the brunt of the state's crime.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 16
Rape: 3
Robbery: 18
Assault: 12
Burglary: 22
Motor Vehicle Theft: 10

No. 12 -- Texas

After seeing a decline in crime in the last decade, some concerned Texans (on Topix.net) question whether a rise in the past couple years is related to the Katrina disaster.

Rankings in Crime

Murder: 14
Rape: 18
Robbery: 9
Assault: 15
Burglary: 8
Motor Vehicle Theft: 15

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