Largest Human Trafficking Ring Ever Busted By Greek police

Greek police said on Monday that it had succeeded in dismantling one of the largest and best organized rings in the people-trafficking and sex trade after a two-month investigation that culminated in a huge police operation on Sunday.

According to Greek News Agency ANA-MPA report, police carried out simultaneous raids on 34 different locations in Athens and arrested 11 suspected members of the ring, eight men and three women of different nationalities that included Greeks, Moldavians, Kazakhs and Ukrainians.

Police also arrested 62 men and women from Greece, Albania, Poland, Armenia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Nigeria and Venezuela that are accused of facilitating vice in others and prostitution.

Through collaboration with Interpol, Europol and police links between Greece and other countries, a further two people were arrested in the Ukraine and another seven members of the gang are wanted, including five Greeks, one Russian and one Moldavian.

Greek Police launched their investigation two months earlier. A total of 152 people were detained for questioning during Sunday's raids, while those placed under arrest are to appear before a public prosecutor on Monday.

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