Rich Chinese Women Buying American Love For Some $3,700.00

More than ten wealthy yet single Shanghai ladies will seek their perfect match amongst the millionaires of Silicon Valley when they go on a match-making tour of the United States next month.

Shanghai Youth Daily reports a local online dating website is organizing the tour for lovelorn businesswomen, who need to cough up 28,512 yuan, around 3703 US dollars, for their shot at finding love in the States. They also need to prove they have at least 500,000 yuan in the bank, a good education, a well-paying job and their own real-estate.

More than 20 local women have signed up for the trip, despite the rigorous selection criteria. Unfortunately, trip organizer Bai Naimu said not all of the applicants made the grade. Bai said their company is looking for quality, not quantity, in the ladies it signs on for the tour. So it is conducting additional investigations into all the applicants' financial statements and abilities.

Bai Naimu says the chosen few will attend a matchmaking party with overseas Chinese men in Silicon Valley and get to see all the sights along the way.

She promises their partners in Silicon Valley have assembled lots of eligible bachelors. All the men are from the Chinese mainland and have find it difficult to meet appropriate partners in the States.

Mr. Zhu belongs to an organization for overseas Chinese students in the Silicon Valley. He says Chinese students are usually consumed by their studies during their first few years in the U.S. After they graduate, they find a job, earn a stable income and start casting around for a good wife. But they find it difficult to meet women because they work in the male-dominated IT industry.

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