10-Year-Old Schoolgirl 'agreed to sex' Says Rapist

Bassam Za'za'

A man is standing trial for kidnapping and raping a 10-year-old schoolgirl.

The 31-year-old Iranian suspect, N.F., denied at the Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday that he kidnapped, molested or raped the Asian schoolgirl in the Al Wasl area.

N.F. was also charged with consuming 14 cans of beer before abusing the girl, possessing and selling 16 cases of liquor, infiltrating and illegally staying in the country. His two compatriots, 21-year-old Y.J. and 26-year-old K.B., along with a stateless H.A., were also charged with possessing alcohol. The girl's medical examination confirmed sexual intercourse had taken place, she had sustained some injuries and bled.

The Dubai Public Prosecution charged N.F. with punching the girl in the face and knocking her unconscious, dragging her into his car and raping her.

In her statement the girl said when she left her grandparents' house N.F. knocked her unconscious and she woke briefly in his car before losing consciousness again.

The next time she woke was when she felt a severe pain in her private parts from where she was bleeding, she told the police.

In his statement N.F. said he and the other suspects had a drinking binge one evening and the next morning he saw the girl walking in Satwa. He said he asked his friend (one of the suspects) to leave and went and asked the girl to sleep with him. He claimed she agreed and they drove off to Al Barsha. On the way he bought her a mango juice.

He parked near a construction site where they had sex. She then asked him to drop her off in Satwa. When his friends noticed a bloodstain on the front seat, he said it was from his girlfriend who was having her period. The forensic laboratory confirmed that the bloodstain belonged to the girl. The alleged victim identified N.F. three times in a police lineup. The court reconvenes later this month.

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