Where Naomi lay Disappointed Her Parents

NAUGHTY Apprentice Naomi Lay last night told of her anquish when her mum and dad found out in the News of the World about her sexy video romp.
Speaking of her shame about making the explicit movie, she said: "My parents choked on their cornflakes when they read about the tape. It was very unpleasant. But what happened has happened—I can't dwell on it."
The filthy footage—filmed over three days in 2004—shows blonde Naomi, 26, in kinky positions and enjoying oral sex with a former lover.
But she says says the Pammi Anderson-type tape leaking out has actually strengthened her relationship with present boyfriend Mathew Hahn.
She said: "He is very proud of me regardless. It's not a problem. We're very happy together."
Now Naomi plans to take legal action to ban the tape, which has become the talk of the internet.
But she says she has no hard feelings after being fired by by Sir Alan Sugar in The Apprentice this week.
She said: "I think he is a very wise businessman, but Sir Alan and I are massive opposites. I'm quite a fluffy person and he's definitely not."
Naomi, from Cornwall, also revealed she wanted to slap the show's biggest bitch, Katie. She fumed: "She called me a dog. At one point she even compared me to a Labrador!"

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