South Korean Students, On School Field Trip To Hotel Massage Parlour

South Korea's education ministry launched an inquiry today after a TV program showed youths entering a hotel massage parlour for sex during a school trip to China.

The ministry ordered school authorities nationwide to investigate all field trips to China.

"The alleged incident should not have happened," Ko Young-Kyu, a senior ministry supervisor, said.

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"Local education offices have been asked to throughly investigate and report the results."

The MBC TV network in a program late yesterday showed South Korean teenagers venturing into a massage parlour in China. Some said it was common practice.

"Phone calls came to the rooms from the massage parlours which are everywhere in the hotels," one high school student told MBC, recalling his recent trip to China.

He said some 30 schoolmates of his paid for sex there, adding: "Those who have been there all had it because we went there for that."

Another student said: "We kids bragged about it."

The TV program said teachers were either helpless or negligent in controlling the children.

"The South Korean students left at around 4am. There were a lot," one Chinese

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