British Government Okays Explicit Sex Eduacation

One of the worst examples of this destructive intervention in family life is the sex education system that has been imposed on [British] schools. Not very long ago the Daily Telegraph ran a whole-page story headlined, 'Outrage over explicit sex lessons.'

Education correspondent John Clare described parents' anger at 12-year-old children being given explicit sex lessons. In these lessons they were taught sodomy, oral sex with reference to "blow jobs" and mutual masturbation.

Now another government-funded agency, the Brook Advisory Centres, has launched a "Schools Sex Manual", subtitled "Nice Girls have Sex". There is also a full colour booklet (no expense spared when it comes to taxpayers' money) for 13-year-olds called "The Good Grope Guide". Is it any wonder that underage sex, childhood pregnancy and child abortion continue to increase under this British government?

Brock Chisholm, the Canadian doctor who became Director-General of the World Health Organisation, decreed that children should be freed from national, religious and other cultural prejudices inflicted on them by their parents. He advocated that classroom sex education should be introduced, "eliminating the ways of the elders by force if necessary."

Some feel that tt is high time parents hit back and insisted on knowing what is being taught their children in secret and behind their backs. And believe such a move would give children back their innocence.

Yet as recent media reports have indicated, the British government's failure to educate - and parent's embarrassment to discuss sex - have been further contributing to the problems face by youth.

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