Indian Actress Preethi Varma Pushed Her Into Prostitution

The story of up and coming south Indian actress Preethi Varma seems like a horror tale.

The Chennai police has filed a case against the parents of actress for allegedly trying to push their daughter into flesh trade.

Preethi presented herself before the Egmore Principal Sessions Court in Chennai on March 28 after suddenly disappearing for over a month.

The young actress, who had accused her parents of making attempts to force her into prostitution, had told the court that she would not go back to her parents, as she wanted to lead an independent life.

She said that she was forced to leave the house. And because she was unable to put up with her parents' intimidating tactics, she had sought the legal action against them for trying to force her into prostitution.

The police had registered cases against the actor's parents - Ramya and Bharath Kumar - who were expected to be arrested soon.

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