Octogenarian Lecher Nobuhiro Nakamura Arrested For Child Abuse

Ryann Connell

Octogenarian lecher Nobuhiro Nakamura's arrest resulted from events that would be leaving him feeling a bit stiff, but had he been a tad stiffer he'd be in even bigger trouble than he already is, according to Shukan Gendai.

Nakamura, 81, has become one of the oldest people in Japan to be arrested for breaking the Child Prostitution Law after he allegedly made repeated payments for sex from a 14-year-old girl young enough to be his grandchild's daughter.

Nakamura has apparently admitted to the charges against him, telling the police he met the girl -- a runaway who can't be named -- at a Sapporo supermarket in January last year. After a few months of buying her meals and paying for entertainment, Nakamura finally allegedly lured the girl into a love hotel, where they continued regular trysts from May last year until March, when police picked up the runaway off the streets and were astonished to find she was carrying hundreds of thousands of yen that the octogenarian had given her.

But the old man's efforts at luring the young girl into his clutches proved to be something of a flop -- in more ways than one.

"The girl told us that, perhaps because of his age, Nakamura wasn't able to get an erection and never penetrated her. Instead, she spent each session licking his entire body. She said she recommended he try Viagra and stuff, but Nakamura wouldn't do it, saying he'd be all right," a police insider tells Shukan Gendai.

Another officer adds: "It's true Nakamura never penetrated the girl. But the law also forbids simulated intercourse. He deviously tricked the girl into going to a love hotel with him and we figured that was good enough to arrest him."

As surprising as Nakamura's age is his standing in the community. The 81-year-old is a former top reporter with the Hokkaido Shimbun, the northern island prefecture's premier local newspaper. He was also involved in his local residents' association.

"He was the first head of the residents' association of our apartment block. He worked for a newspaper at the time, so we figured he'd be smart and that was exactly how it turned out. He got lots done and everybody relied on him," a resident of the Sapporo apartment building where Nakamura and his wife lived tells Shukan Gendai.

Nakamura is also a fluent English speaker. He gave English lessons to old folks at a local community center and also organized trips overseas for the elderly. But Nakamura also had another face that some people occasionally glimpsed.

"He was an old codger who never stopped blabbering on, especially to women, who he never failed to try and talk to when the chance arose," another neighbor says.

Nakamura was also well known at the supermarket where he met the young girl he is accused of abusing.

"He offered to buy me meals, but I turned him down. A store worker who saw it said, 'Ah, that old fogey is coming around trying to pick up the young girls again,'" a young girl who hangs out at the supermarket tells the weekly.

Nakamura's elderly wife says she is too ill to comment on the case, even though her husband has been running around after young girls. Police aren't so refrained.

"I guess his desire to chat to young people just escalated into something different, but the fact is that we've got Hokkaido's oldest ever child prostitution arrest on our hands," a police officer tells Shukan Gendai. "Nakamura is apologetic. But, at his age, it's a bit hard to tell him something like 'It's about time you got your life in order.'"

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