10 Facts You Must Know About Oral Sex

  1. You can get an STD or HIV (the virus that causes AIDs) from oral sex - you must use a condom or dental dam no exceptions.
  2. Oral sex is not something that everyone is interested in - don't pressure somebody to do this, it is the same as pressuring them to have intercourse and it is wrong.
  3. Oral sex is a very intimate, undeniably sexual act. You may technically hold on to your virginity by having oral sex instead of intercourse, but you are sexually active none the less.
  4. The old "spit or swallow" question is outdated. When having oral sex you must use barrier protection such as a condom or dental dam.
  5. Oral sex can and does change the nature of a relationship, it should not be entered into lightly.
  6. Oral sex is not a consolation prize - if your partner says no to intercourse they don't owe you oral sex instead.
  7. Oral sex is not a "safe" alternative to intercourse, although you can not get pregnant from this act you can catch an STD or HIV.
  8. Most religions do consider premarital oral sex, like premarital intercourse, to be wrong and some actually consider oral sex off limits even within a marriage.
  9. Oral sex is every bit as sexually intimate as intercourse.
  10. Oral sex should only be done with a person who you trust, both the players in an oral sex encounter are very vulnerable to the other.

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