Adventurous Japanese couples thrust Dream Love Chairs into overdrive

Ryann Connell

More and more of Japan's love hotels are getting set up with automatic sex machines selling so well they've added "boom" to boom-boom, according to Shukan Post.

The machines are being imported from South Korea, where they've been a phenomenal success in love hotels there.

"Just the other day," the operator of a Tokyo love hotel tells Shukan Post, "we had a couple in here who said they wanted one of our rooms because it had one of the machines in it. Once they got in there, they kept it running for three hours straight."

The automatic sex machines are officially known as Dream Love Chairs. They're equipped with two motorized seats facing each other and switches to adjust things like speed and rotation.

AD-A, the company importing the Dream Love Chairs into Japan, is ecstatic with the results it has achieved.

"A South Korean robotics professor who enlisted the aid of over 100 couples developed the chair through a process of trial and error. There are already over 10,000 Korean love hotels equipped with this machine," a spokesman for AD-D tells Shukan Post. "At the moment in Japan, there are 120 hotels with the machines in them. However, the developers are trying to come up with a model for around 600,000 yen to attract individual buyers."

The men's weekly promptly sends out one of its intrepid reporters to try out the Dream Love Chair with his partner.

Switching on the machine prompts the man's chair to move backward and forward, while the woman's slowly rotates. The machine has a five-gear speed system, with the fastest promising five thrusts per second. There's also a pause button to allow time to consider what's taking place.

Women's seats on the Dream Love Chair have even more functions. They can rotate in either direction at a whopping 10 different speeds! And the seat also vibrates -- at two adjustable speeds!

What's more, the machine is up to date when it comes to politically correct relations between the sexes, with the controls for the man's chair placed on a panel built into the woman's seat, meaning that she controls the pace and actions to a level suitable to her.

On top of all these functions, the chairs at either end of the Dream Love Chair can be adjusted to different heights, while levers make them maneuverable to varying degrees of incline, allowing for as many as 10 different positions to be practiced with ease.

But the main effect, Shukan Post says, is that the machine basically does all the moving for the couple, taking the drudgery out of grinding the pelvis.

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