The 15 Hottest Spots for Fast Love


Hot Spots for Fast Love
Let's face it: You and your guy aren't always near a bedroom when desire strikes. So what do you do when you've just got to have it this minute? Scan the scene for an exciting spot to enjoy a rapid romp. "Half the thrill of a quickie is that the world is your mattress," says Lisa Sussman, author of Quickie Sex. Ahead, the hottest havens for a spontaneous sexcapade.

1. Bar Bathroom
Sneak into a stall and have your honey sit on the seat lid. Then stand over him and lower yourself onto his lap.

2. Pool Table
Slide up onto the edge of the table with your legs splayed. You'll be at the perfect height for your pool shark to attack.

3. Baseball Dugout
Revisit those behind-the-school-bleachers days, and pretend it's your first time letting a guy hit a home run.

4. Beanbag Chair
Straddle him on this pliable seat (the cushion of beans will prevent knee burns). Roll your hips in circles while he uses his legs to push forward and pull back.

5. Kitchen Counter
While your pasta's boiling, work up an appetite for dinner by clearing off those countertops and going to town on your hot dish.

Exercise Balls and More...

6. Big Exercise Ball
Lay on your stomach over the ball while your man settles himself over you. Gently roll to and fro, enjoying the many sizzle spots the seesaw effect helps him hit.

7. Stairs
Enjoy a flight of fancy on your steps (preferably carpeted) by sitting on his lap, facing away from him with your gams outside of his. Put your feet on a level where you can use your legs and arms for leverage.

8. Kiddie Pool
On a warm day, fill up a kiddie pool and take a dirty dip. Your partner should sit on his heels while you lay flat with your head on the opposite edge. Have your man lift your hips up so they're above the water.

9. Laundry Room
Hop on top of the dryer and pull your lover to you. The heat of the machine will warm you up in just the right places, and the vibrations will intensify every sensation.

10. Your Office
Invite your cutie to your cubicle after hours and christen your rolling chair with some overtime Os. You can twist and turn like you're on a carnal-val coaster.

Coat Closet and More

11. Coat Closet
While your man holds you up, press your back against one wall and your feet against the other to brace yourself. Keep one hand on the doorknob and the other over your mouth to stifle your moans.

12. Car
If roommates are cramping your sexual style, escape to your soon-to-be-randy ride. Up the ante on your auto amore by reclining the seats to the right erotic angle.

13. Photo Booth
Adjust the stool so the curtain conceals your nether regions. Then lift your skirt and sit snugly on your man's "exposed" lap. No one will have any clue what's up...until the pictures pop out.

14. The Shower
Join your stud for sudsy sex in seconds. Avoid complicated (and hazardous) acrobatics and straddle him on the shower floor. Tuck a towel behind his head for support.

15. At the Front Door
You've been jonesing for your man all evening, so waste no more time and jump his bones before he has even put his keys down. Your "Take me!" mentality will make him feel like an erotic Adonis.

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