How to Make Fast Love Last


"I thought my lust life with my beau couldn't get any better than our all-night mattress sessions," says Lisa, a 25-year-old market researcher. "Then, last weekend, we had a tawdry tryst in a friend's bathroom. I never knew five minutes could be so earth-shattering." Sound hard to believe that fast, no-frills nooky can be such a thrill? "Quickies are the Big Macs of the sex world. They are pure, guilty pleasure," says Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, author of Now and Forever: Let's Make Love (Warner, 1997). We're not suggesting you forgo all your candlelit, The Very Best of Barry White nights for these wham-bam moments. We're just saying that when thrown into your repertoire, short, spontaneous sessions add spice, increase intimacy, and deliver down-and-dirty instant gratification.

Check out the following get-busy-in-a-jiffy basics that'll deliver mind-blowing results.

Tip 1: Adjust Your Do-It Attitude
Guys may think about sex a billion times a day, but we women sometimes need to light a fire under our libidos. So if you like the concept of a quickie in theory but find your lust batteries running low, psych yourself up with a few brain and body tricks. "Sexy is a state of mind. Your fantasizing is what really puts you in the mood," says Lloyd. But don't leave all the labor to your imagination. "Brush your hands over your breasts, thighs, anywhere that feels good," says Laura Corn, author of 101 Grrreat Quickies (Park Avenue Publishers, 1997). Or try crossing and uncrossing your legs while sitting. Rubbing your thighs together increases blood flow to your genitals, which will give you that tingly aroused feeling.

If any "haven't primped" vibes threaten to short-circuit your plan to jump your man, remember, you're the only one worried about the fact that you're sporting granny undies. "When blood flows into a man's penis, it's exiting his brain. He's not seeing things as clearly as you are," explains Dan Savage, author of Savage Love (Plume, 1998). "Besides, being a little unkempt is sexy." Remind yourself of that by repeating an affirmation like "I'm hot and can drive him wild" in your mind. "If you're wearing bottom-of-the-drawer undies, simply slip out of them as fast as possible," says Debbie Tideman, author of The X Spot Orgasm (Jetex, 1995). "He'll think you're being saucy, not self-conscious."

Tip 2: Pick a Prime Quickie Time
"I'll never forget when my boyfriend and I showed up at his sister's wedding moments before the ceremony was about to begin, having just done it in a limo in the parking lot," recalls Rory, a 25-year-old accountant. "We relished the fact that we had just been very naughty -- and no one knew our secret."

The key to a well-executed quickie -- one that makes a fab memory -- is timing it right. To keep your quickies from turning into catastrophes, do it when you have a few minutes to spare before showing up somewhere, not when you're seriously late. That said, the day is chock-full of get-frisky opportunities -- all you have to do is find one (or two or three...) that's right for you. "The afternoon is a great time because that's when sex drives are at their highest," says Tideman. "Plus there's added excitement because it's a time when we're usually chained to our desks." Ask him to meet you at home during your lunch hour for a little love in the afternoon. Mornings are also nice because you can take advantage of his sleep-induced stiffy without being late for work. Give him a wanton wake-up call, and then see if he's up for sex.

And let's not underestimate the buzz of getting busy in an unexpected place. Movies are full of memorable quickies -- think of the Risky Business on-the-subway seduction. Not only are odd locations exotic in their own right, many pack a we-could-get-caught charge. "When you feel a sense of danger, your body releases the same adrenaline that it produces during orgasm," explains Corn. So next time you're flirting with your boy at a bar, pull him into the bathroom for a frolic. But be sure to lock the door -- you want just enough fear to get your blood flowing, not enough to give you a heart attack.

Tip 3: Drive Him Wild
Chances are, your guy will get a rush from a randy romp regardless of the where, when, or how. But why not make a lasting impression? Start by taking advantage of the fact that not only do guys love what they can see, they go gaga over what they can't. "Men get aroused when they look at a lacy bra while you're making love," says Corn. You could also leave on your shirt, strategically unbuttoning it, or lift up your skirt to midthigh level.

While less is more in the visual department, it's not in the action arena. To amplify an already-intense quickie, take all your behaviors up a notch. If you usually nibble at his ear, bite him gently. Exchange caressing his butt cheeks for a firm slap. "During quickies, my typically gentle girlfriend tugs my hair and scratches my back," says Matthew, a 25-year-old stockbroker. "It feels amazing." And don't forget to talk dirty: Replace a couple of groans with steamy commands like "Faster. Faster!" or more specifically "I need you to blank my blank, right now!"

Tip 4: Double Your Pleasure
If you're like most women, it takes a lot more than a brief bit of thrusting to push you over the orgasm edge. Even so, a quickie can still be an incredible experience. "My boyfriend Neal and I have quickies all the time," attests Sam, a 27-year-old ad exec. "The sheer intensity is so amazing, the fact that I seldom orgasm doesn't bug me."

But if you're on board the ecstasy express and really want to peak, do whatever it takes to get your pleasure wheels rolling. "Skip the slow stuff and kiss him deeply right off the bat," suggests Corn. Or take the Zen approach to breathing: For about 30 seconds, take long, slow deep breaths and imagine pulling the air all the way down into your pelvis. This will intensify the sensations, and the extra oxygen will make you light-headed. Or up your orgasm potential with this expert-endorsed position: "Lean on a chair, counter top, or even the wall and have him enter from behind," says Tideman. "That way he can stimulate your clitoris manually."

Whether you peak or not, quickies always deliver one special pleasure -- they make your man worship the ground you walk on. "Men's biggest complaint is that their partners don't come on to them enough," says Corn. So go ahead and let him know you're hot for him by hitting on him when he least expects it. Trust us, once you've launched his rocket in five minutes flat, he'll be willing to do just about anything for you.

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