3/4 Shanghai husbands satisfied with sex

A new survey shows that men in Shanghai, China's most affluent city, are not only more likely to get rich, but also are more likely to have a satisfying sex life.

About 74 percent of the nearly 20,000 married men polled by the survey said they were either "satisfied" or "relatively satisfied" with love-making with their partners, China Population News reported Wednesday.

Only 0.4 percent respondents said their sex life was "disappointing" while 25 percent said sex with their partners was "so so", according to the survey, recently conducted by the family planning committee of Shanghai, the paper said.

The survey found that 85 percent of the married men considered a good sex life crucial to a good marriage.

The results of the Shanghai survey contrast sharply with a similar national survey conducted by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Sex Science Society, which showed 10 percent of the husbands polled reported disappointment in bed.

That same survey showed that women are far less inclined to praise of their sex life. Twenty-five percent of wives responding to the survey said they were unsatisfied with their sex life.

Traditional Chinese moral concepts required women to be restrained and reserved during sex and to perform it as a duty to their husbands. In recent years, a growing number of Chinese women now consider a healthy sex life a serious martial matter.

At the same time, China is seeing more of its younger generation engage in premarital sex without feeling shame.

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