Niece forced into sex trade

Mohammed Aslam

A prostitute has told how her own uncle brought her to Bahrain to work in a vice den, having sex with up to eight men a day, on fixed shifts.

The 24-year-old Bangladeshi said she brought in up to BD800 a month from clients, but her uncle gave her just BD100 and kept the rest.

She was arrested in a raid on the East Riffa vice den in July, along with another woman, aged 20 and a man, aged 33, also both Bangladeshi.

The women have each admitted prostitution, along with living in Bahrain illegally, since they were no longer working for their sponsors, the Lower Criminal Court heard.

The man has admitted managing the vice den and living partially off the women's earnings from prostitution, though he claimed he had only being doing it for a week.

He said his job was to let clients into the rented house and then see them out again once they had finished.

The case was adjourned until November 11 for sentencing and all three were further remanded in custody.

They were arrested after police posed as clients in a sting operation, after being tipped off about the vice den, the court heard.

Both women had run away from their original sponsors and taken shelter in the house to earn money, said the prosecution.

Two Asian customers were also arrested in the raid.

The male defendant received the customers and collected the money from them and also acted as a pimp and brought customers for the two women, said the prosecution.

He told police he had been living in the area for a week and worked with the women at the house from 11am to 5pm every day, shepherding customers in and out.

The 24-year-old woman said she arrived in Bahrain two years earlier and absconded as soon as she arrived at the airport, to work at the house for her uncle.

"My uncle used to bring customers for me to have sex with them. All of my customers were Asians and I start working from 6am until 7pm every day," she said.

"I charge BHD 3 or BHD 4 (approximately USD $8-10.50) for each session with my customers and sleep with about five to eight customers a day.

"I earn around BHD 700 (approximately USD $1,860) per month and sometimes BD800 per month.

"My uncle collects the money from the customers and gives me BHD 100 (approximately USD $265) only every month."

She said her uncle had travelled to Bangladesh eight months earlier and an Indian man was now running the house.

The 20-year-old woman said she arrived in Bahrain 20 months earlier and ran away from her sponsor with the help of a Bangladeshi man, who took her to the house to work as a prostitute.

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