Romney Pushes for MA Marriage Amendment

Kim Trobee

Massachusetts citizens have spoken by petition, but the state legislature is dragging its feet, saying it will not vote.

A record number of signatures have been gathered, still Massachusetts citizens are being ignored. Governor Mitt Romney is taking action.

“More than one quarter would like this initiative to go forward, but the majority refuses to actually meet and hold the vote. We will file an action with the courts calling upon the judiciary to protect the constitutional rights of our citizens and that is specifically to allow our citizens and their ballot initiative effort to go forward.”

The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts has not been family-friendly in the past, but Kris Mineau with the Massachusetts Family Institute says there’s still hope for the future.

“That same court has ruled on previous situations like this that the legislature is constitutionally obligated to vote on citizens petitions. So we’re assuming they will hold that same ruling.”

There’s a chance the legislature will approve the measure before January when a shift in power takes place. Governor-elect Duvall Patrick is a staunch supporter of gay rights and Romney says he’d like to get the matter resolved prior to his term.

“I do believe that the rule of law is what’s at stake here. This is not just about marriage. It’s about whether or not the legislature will follow the constitution or not.”

Romney says ignoring the wishes of 170,000 would be a step toward tyranny.

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