Teenagers warned to avoid risks from sexual relationship during Loy Krathong festival

The Provincial Offcial of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Kamphang Phet warns adolescents of the risks from sexual relationship during Loy Krathong Festival.

Mr. Somkid Somsi, the ministry's provincial official, revealed that his office had studied a research about adolescents' sexual behaviors during Loy Krathong Festival. The research shows that an increasing number of adolescents have sexual intercourse during the festival.

Last year, the average age of people with that behaviour was lower than the previous year. The most susceptible group consisted of high-school students and vocational students. Besides, locations where most sexual behaviors took place were dormitories, rented houses, hotels, and unexpected places like dark corners in public parks.

Information collected from this research was used to outline measures preventing premature sex of young people. Most of the people sampled in this survey went out with their friends, partners, and other people outside their families. Alcoholic drinks were also found to be the main cause leading to sexual behaviors during the festival.

Mr Somkid asked parents and operators of rented residence to watch teenagers' behaviors closely during the festival.

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