The 'Dry Orgasm' Pill

[q url=";_ylt=AqlwLNykC7_quEe7jZeBmelkWtAF"]The first ever male birth control pill is speeding ahead towards approval. British researchers have developed a male "Pill" that provides contraception, all without the use of hormones. Men like this, since other formulas tinker with testosterone and can affect libido, fertility and manliness in general.

The male Pill doesn't do anything to sperm (men also like this). Sperm are still produced; it's just that now they never make it out of the body. The Pill works by altering muscle contractions involved in ejaculation; however, orgasm quality and performance are not affected. Men take it a few hours before sex and sperm are back on their usual way about a half-day later.

Whether men will find the idea of dry orgasms ok or weird remains to be seen. However, I suspect many women will like the idea. Could this be the end of the wet spot? The last days of the gag reflex? Women just may sway the vote on this one.


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