Thieves targeting holiday gifts in cars

In a Greenwood Police evidence locker Chief Joe Pitcher says there is at least 2 thousand dollars in stolen goods. The stash includes everything from toys to clothes to electronics.

All that stuff was taken in a three hour car break-in spree on one night around the Greenwood Park Mall with the suspect driving the lot looking in cars and taking what she could. We toured the lot and saw a toy box in one car, more bags with other Christmas presents in another, a backpack in a third and, in one car, we saw someone's purse left on the back seat.

Assistant Chief Rick McQueery says "The target of opportunity was there, no one was around and she pried the windows and the doors then get in and take her stuff then they leave."

Eleven cars were hit, police say. The suspect eventually broke the screw driver used for the break ins and had to buy a new one to keep the spree going.

The break for police came while they were checking broken glass at the mall, across the street a motorist spotted the suspect's car and called 911.

Greenwood Police tracked the car to a house in Hendricks County where they found Kris Stull, just out of prison for similar crimes. Assistant Chief McQueery describes what he saw in her house. "Merchandise was laid out like an inventory process was going on on the kitchen table and the suspect's couch in the living room"

Police will call in break in victims to pick up their things in time for Christmas. Last week at a Westfield Shopping plaza south of Wal-Mart an elderly woman coming out of a car shop had her purse snatched by men in a passing car. She was dragged a short distance.

Two weeks ago our investigators showed the toll taken at Marion County Malls, too, last year.

"I don't lock my car," said one shopper at a music store across from the Greenwood Park Mall, "like ever."

But police say prevention starts with protection. His band, DESERT MUSIC, just bought an expensive new amplifier.

"I guess it worries me a little," says guitarist Eric Ballou. "I just don't think about."

But police want us to think about it by putting valuable including gifts in the trunk or out of sight.


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