Man Who Videotaped Rape Of Toddler Gets Life

A Central Florida man who videotaped himself raping a toddler was sentenced to life in prison despite the fact that the judge and jurors could not watch all of the disturbing evidence in the case.
Richard Sylvia was arrested in June 2005 after being accused of raping a 2-year-old girl and videotaping the incident.
Thursday, Sylvia was found guilty of capital sexual battery in the attack.
A 15-minute video of a motionless, apparently drugged, 2-year-old being raped was so disturbing that jurors wept and could barely watch it, Local 6 News reported.
Judge William A. Parsons, who has been on the bench for a decade, said he was not able to watch all of the evidence."
I've watched pictures of slaughtered people, gruesome pictures of people who have been killed and I have watched people (in) situations where they burned each other," Judge William A. Parsons said. "I've never been in anything where I couldn't watch the evidence before today."
"I've seen the video evidence and the computer images and the still photos in this case many, many times over the course of the last year and a half," prosecutor Kelly Wark said. "The images are just burned into my mind. There will never be a day where it will be erased.
"Sylvia is also accused of videotaping himself have sex with two other young children who now live in New York.

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