Family Of Boy Killed At Wal-Mart Files Lawsuit

By Eric Halvorson

News 8 @ 11:00

A local family is suing Wal-Mart for the death of a little boy. They filed the suit Monday. At the news conference announcing their plans, the family's attorney said the death was a foreseeable, senseless incident.

Christopher Antonio was shopping with his mother, last summer, at an Indianapolis Wal-Mart. But, the family's attorney says a mirror at that store became a deadly weapon.

"In this case, it was a six foot tall, three sided, glass mirror that fell off and killed him," family attorney Doug Gwyther said.

The suit accuses Wal-Mart of negligence for failing to provide a safe environment for its customers.

"It's part of their marketing. It's part of their design. They know exactly where that mirror's gonna go and why it's gonna go there and what profit it can help bring them. Obviously, no one thought enough about what dangers that might create," Gwyther said.

Gwyther says the Antonios know the lawsuit can't bring Christopher back and it won't ease their pain.

But, Fidela Antonio told our sister station, WIII, they want to send a message.

"It's something that's terrible that you would not want others to go through and this is what we have to try to do with this. That is the message that we want to carry," Fidela said.

A spokesman for Wal-Mart said, "The safety of our customers is our top priority. The circumstances are tragic. But, it would be inappropriate to comment or offer a statement at this time."

Since the suit was filed Monday, the company has also not had a chance to review its contents.


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