Wife swapping in southern China

It's not an uncommon question for a foreigner in China to field from strangers on trains, planes, buses, sidewalks, and in stores and cafes. The urge for Chinese men, women, and children alike to learn better English, even randomly and at inopportune moments, is strong.

In this case, the question came from a topless middle-aged woman in the midst of a mostly Chinese partner-swapping party. To the budding English-language student's left, along a 6-meter mirrored wall and on four large mattresses strewn with condom wrappers, tissues, clothes and underwear, about 20 others were engaged in a - well, the correct world is "orgy".

In the dim light one could not clearly distinguish men from women. Others taking a break came and went from the room's one constantly running shower, some wrapped in towels, others nude, talking, joking and generally making as if the main event they'd just exited was nothing more than a leisurely........................


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