Child's upbringing...American style

Source: Pravda.Ru
US continues to investigate all facts pertaining to the death of a Russian six-year-old boy who had been adopted by an American family about a month ago.Police has already determined that Alex Pavlis (named after his foster parents) has died as a result of a craniocerebral wound from a dull object. 911 doctors discovered traces of brutal physical abuse on the child's body. They immediately informed the police. The boy was hospitalized right away. Unfortunately, it was too late. He died on Friday, December 19th.The Pavlis' were unable conceive. Therefore, they decided to adopt Alex along with his five-year-old sister about a month ago. The family managed to find a private agency in Russia specializing in international adoptions. A representative from the Department of Children and Family Services has stated in his interview to CNN that Irma Pavlis had been preparing to become a mother for a long time. She devoted an entire year to studying Russian language.Department's employees claimed that everything was done in strict accordance with all necessary . . . . . .

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