Nigerian marriages in America are ending deadly

It is no longer a secret that many Nigerian families in America are dysfunctional. Disturbingly, many Nigerian marriages are in trouble. Some have either ended in divorce or separation, while others are just fudging. Even in the face of that pretentious buoyancy, there is a violent temper coupled with anger simmering beneath the surface of some of these marriages.
The continued rant and rave in some of these families have escalated to perennial domestic disputes that have consumed them.
With each passing moment, domestic disputes among Nigerian families in the USA are becoming violent and sometimes, deadly. The simmering is now seeping out. With this phenomenon at play, only one incident could have the potential to form a deadly mix that would change the families forever. Regrettably, that was exactly what happened to two families recently in Dallas suburbs.
In Grand Prairie, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, Mrs. Monireti Abeni Akeredolu, a 46-year old Nigerian lady met her untimely death in the hands of her estranged husband, Mr. Ebenezer Akeredolu, Sr., 48, on Thursday night, September 8, 2005. This was a day after her birthday.
Despondently, Mr. Tuiru Ali, an uncle to the deceased told Champion Newspapers, “My niece was an easy going lady and she respected everyone.” He continued, “Her husband drove . . . .

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