Kids Bitten By Dogs Outside School

Four children and one adult were attacked by three dogs as they arrived at a Southside elementary school Tuesday morning.
The attacks occurred outside Hogan Spring Glen Elementary School on Beach Boulevard.
"I saw that they had one second-grader ... she was on her bicycle trying to get away from the dogs, but it seemed like the more she tried to get away from her, the more they were kind of nipping at her," said Clayton Dudjak, a coach at the school. "By the time I got to the child, she had fallen off the bike. I was lucky enough to get the dogs away from her."
Jacksonville Fire-Rescue Division said two brothers, ages 11 and 9, were taken to Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center for treatment of dog bites. The other two children were taken to see private physicians.
One man was bitten trying to get the dogs away from the children. The extent of his injuries and treatment were not known.
Rescuers said the 9 year old had the most severe injuries, bitten eight or nine times, including bites on the shoulder and face.
Since the dogs were attacking children as they arrived for school, administrators were concerned for the safety of students. . . . .

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