The Truth About Domestic Violence in Marital Versus Cohabitational Relationships

Virginia Wing
You may have heard the daunting statistic that every nine seconds, a woman is a victim of domestic violence. Or perhaps you heard it was every 12 seconds, or every 14 seconds, or every 15 seconds. ... So which is it?
Domestic violence is a rampant problem and plague in our nation today. It’s a crime that must be taken seriously, and because of this we need to be sure we correctly understand the facts. These startling statements concerning the frequency of domestic violence can mistakenly send the ominous message to women and society that marriage must be a “dangerous place.” One study even asked the question in its title if the marriage license was a “hitting license.” With the use of the term domestic violence, the connotation of spousal abuse or “wife beating” is quick to follow. However, after considering the following you may actually find that “girlfriend beating” is a more appropriate term.How Safe is Marriage?• According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, of all violent crimes against women by their intimate partners between 1979 and 1987, about 65 percent were committed by either a boyfriend or ex-husband, while only 9 percent were committed by husbands.1 • Another study, published in the Journal of Family Violence, explains the following regarding the association between batterer and . . . . .

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