Death leap father 'murder charge'

A British man is facing a murder charge after his son, 6, died and his daughter, 2, was injured when the trio plunged from a hotel balcony in Greece.
John Hogan is under police guard in hospital following the death of his son Liam, who suffered fatal injuries in the incident at a holiday resort in southern Crete
Hogan was pictured on the front page of British newspapers Friday in a hospital bed after reportedly telling doctors: "I want to die too."
The businessman's two-year-old daughter, Mia, suffered a broken arm and has been released from University General Hospital in Heraklion.
Hogan, 32, suffered a broken arm, leg and chest injuries and underwent surgery at the hospital Thursday.
After the operation he was transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit, where a spokesman said his condition was improving.
"The patient is getting better and he will be transferred to the orthopedics ward today," he told the UK's Press Association.

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