Parents and College Life

Julie Sierra
College is a time to spread your wings, learn independence, break free. But oftentimes, parents still have plenty of wisdom to offer. Don't write them off just because you're not living under their roof.
Goodbye Mom and Dad, Hello College
Do you remember the day you left for college? I'm sure for some of you it involved an adventure, like a road trip, or a flight across the country (maybe even overseas). You probably felt a mixture of emotions: uncertainty, anticipation, excitement.
My first day of college didn't feel quite as exotic, because I attend a university near my home. As a matter of fact, when I first began taking classes at Florida International University (FIU), it took me thirty minutes to arrive on campus — walking. It took me about four minutes to drive there — ten if it was rush hour.
Two years later I moved a little farther south, so now the drive to school takes 30 minutes driving during Miami traffic, and I'm not sure how long it takes without traffic (I've yet to experience that). My point is that, because my college is so close to home — well — I've never had to leave it. I didn't have to say my tearful goodbyes to Mom and Dad; they never watched as their baby girl headed off to discover new and . . . .

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