Teens - How To Avoid Pregnancy

The decision about whether to have sex is a very important one and can often be quite difficult to make. It may surprise you to know that, when it comes to sex, most teens and parents agree that the first priority for teens is to wait to have sex in order to protect their physical and emotional health. But it is also true that the majority of teens and parents feel that if a young person is going to be sexually active, using contraception — "protection'" — is a must.
On this webpage you can find plenty of material including information about contraception and abstinence.
Abstinence - When it comes to sex, many teens choose to wait. And some teens who have had sex in the past have decided to wait a while until having sex again. Visit this section for information to help you say "it's okay to delay."
Contraception - Whether you call it contraception, birth control, or protection, it's all the same thing. If you have decided to have sex, you need to know the facts about protecting yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Sex has consequences.

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