Do You Spend Time With Your Family?

"JAPANESE Fathers Are Loved—Though Busy Working and Not Playing With Their Children." Some years ago this headline appeared in the Mainichi Shimbun. The article reported that 87.8 percent of the Japanese children taking part in a government survey expressed the desire to take care of their fathers in the future. In the English edition of the paper, however, the same item appeared under a different headline. It read "Fathers and Sons: A Case of Neglect." Unlike the Japanese edition, the article highlighted another aspect of the same survey: Each working day, Japanese fathers were spending only 36 minutes with their children. In comparison, fathers in West Germany were spending 44 minutes with their children on a weekday, and in the United States, the figure was 56 minutes.
It is not just fathers who spend little time with their children. More and more mothers work outside the home. For example, many single mothers have to work secularly to support the family. As a result, the amount of time that parents—fathers and mothers alike—spend with their children is diminished.

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