4 Myths About Abortion

Myth #1
If it's legal, it must be safe.
  • When compared with all other medical procedures in the U.S., it appears that abortion is the most unregulated. Yet according to the National Center for Health Statistics, abortion is the most frequently performed surgical operation in our country.
  • Most people do not realize abortion can be a risky procedure. Besides the physical risks, women need to be aware of post-abortion syndrome and the increased chances of breast cancer after abortion.

Myth #2
Women should have a choice.
  • Is it a choice — or is it lack of support for the crisis pregnancy?
  • In a study of 252 aborted women who suffered psychological problems after their abortions, 53 percent felt "forced" into the abortion by others and 65 percent felt "forced" by their circumstances.
  • Conversely, 83 percent stated they would have kept the pregnancy if they had been encouraged to do so by one or more other persons.
  • Of women who suffer post abortion trauma, 45 percent went to the clinic still hoping for a "miracle' option which would have allowed them to avoid the abortion and/or keep the baby.

Myth #3
Abortion will solve the problem.
  • The baby is not the problem and abortion is not the answer.
  • There is no question that abortion might solve the problem of the responsibilities of single-parenting a child or the financial or career strains brought upon by the birth of a baby. Possibly, death can be used to solve all the ills of our society. We could solve the problem of drug abuse by killing all those addicted to drugs.
  • The question is not whether abortion solves problems, but whether the solution is acceptable or not. Would someone be allowed to kill their 2-year-old child if they just couldn't afford it any more or if it interfered with career plans?
  • Fifty percent of all women who have abortions use it as their sole means of birth control.*
  • Forty percent of women who have abortions will have another one.*

Myth #4
It's a woman's body.
  • True, a woman has a right over her own body.
  • Abortion however, involves another separate living body inside her own. At day 21, the baby inside of her has a beating heart. By day 28, the arms, legs, eyes, and ears have begun to show. At day 40, brain waves can be detected.
  • The baby has its own DNA and its own blood type.
  • If allowed to grow, the baby inside will become a separate body from its mother's body.

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