Top flirt: a girl's guide to pulling

If you're single and out on the town with the girls then there is always that real chance you'll set your sights on somebody you really fancy and wouldn't mind chatting up.

But is it really that easy to stroll over to a complete gorgeous stranger and just casually begin to chat them up?

Well now you can pull with confidence if you follow our 13 step guide to flirting success.

1. Think about what you plan to wear
Choosing the right outfit to make the lads go 'wow' is essential. Wear something you feel sexy in and not something you think men will find alluring. Fidgeting with your clothes all night will do little for your confidence. And show off legs or cleavage - not legs AND cleavage. Leave something to the imagination.

2. Dance normally
When hitting the dance floor don't make like a pole dancer and gyrate and shimmy unless you're a professional dancer. You'll just end up look stupid, desperate and trashy.

3. Relax
If, after a few drinks you want to burst into floods of tears because no man has given you a second glance, then your technique is all wrong. Take a deep breath and relax. Remember, it's meant to be fun!

4. Don't play games
If you like a man - tell him! Men are simple creatures who get confused with the little games girls like to play. Forget the "I fancy you so I'll ignore you" game because he'll just assume you hate him.

5. Perfect the glance
Throw long lingering glances his way and always catch his eye. Try to make eye contact with him - if you just steal sneaky glances, he'll assume you're not interested.

6. Don't wait to be asked
Do you remember the saying "If you don't ask then you don't get"? Well, it also applies to dating. Men don't like putting themselves constantly on the line so if you make the first move, he'll flirt back!

7. Be sneaky
If you fancy a man and want to get to know him better you have to get sneaky if you want any real privacy. Take the upper hand and lead him away to a quiet spot of the party or bar.

8. Touch him
Try a subtle caress of the hand, a brush against his leg and a squeeze of his arm. You'll soon have him hanging on your every word.

9. Don't be possessive
If he gets distracted and starts to look around the room at other women, it's not a sign he's playing hard to get - the guy is a lost cause and isn't interested. So, don't humiliate yourself by pursuing him like a possessed bunny boiler - go after someone else instead!

10. Don't be too confident
There is confidence and there is over-confidence. If you think you're fit and you know it then you'll have him running for the door. Rein your attitude in until you get to know him better.

11. Be fun to be with
If your idea of a good chat is to bitch about everything in your life, then you could soon find yourself talking to yourself. Vary you conversation and be positive. No man like a whinging moaner.

12. Tease him
Feel free to tease him. Don't get too personal about body parts because you could give the lad a complex - but don't be afraid to take the mick either!

13. Leave him wanting more
Leave on a high. Go back to your mates before the end of the evening - that way it gives him time to mull over what passed between you. A sure way of getting him gagging for more!

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