Definite Signs of Alcoholism

If your loved one exhibits any or all of the following signs, then there is a definite chance that they are suffering from alcoholism:

  • inability to stop drinking, doing drugs, gambling,...

  • his/her drinking, drug use,... is getting worse. It starts early in the day and continues throughout the day.

  • his/her behavior is out of control.

  • he/she has agreed to stop drinking, doing drugs, gambling,... but continually breaks the promise.

  • he/she treats you badly when drinking or doing drugs, but does not seem to remember that the next day.

  • he/she attempts to hide the drinking, drug use,...

  • he/she is untruthful and manipulates you and others.

  • he/she has tried to quit on several occassions, but could not.

  • the behavior has impacted work, family and friends.

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