How to… revive a dying relationship

All relationships go through tough times and sometimes it's better to say goodbye and move on. However, quite often it's worthwhile making the effort and bringing the happy times back to the love you've got.

This isn't as easy as it may sound. Considerable effort is required to make her see you in that first flush of romance once again. So follow these tips and you'll soon have her thinking that you're the best thing in the world.

  • Thinking about leaving her? Think about this first: No woman is perfect. The next one you pick up could indeed be cooler, sexier and wealthier. But you'll soon grow tired of her crap, too
  • After your next screaming match, don't bother with the "I love you" cliché. Just tell her, "You know, you're the only person I'd ever tolerate talking to me like that. You're that amazing"
  • No screaming matches lately? Have one, fast. If she's screaming at you, she still gives a damn. Silence from a woman means something has died. (Or will die. Tonight. In his sleep)
  • All the stuff you'd want after a breakup - nights on the town, drop-of-a-hat holidays, those long awaited season tickets - you can enjoy right now, with a built-in date. So pick something fun and do it
  • Learn a new sport together that encourages you to admire each other's form
  • As you ask your friend for advice on your girl's dropping temperature and increasing distance, did it ever occur to you to ask her?
  • You're both 10 excess pounds away from feeling good about yourselves again. Drop them together. It'll be you and her against the world, just like old times
  • Reinstate one courtesy toward her that's been lost since your courtship - opening the car door for her, bringing her flowers etc

Tried everything on this list and she's still unresponsive? It's time to smile, hold her hand, and offer her these five risky words: "Now it's up to you."

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