How to….... buy lingerie

Before we start lets get one thing straight, we're talking about learning to buy underwear for your lady, so any of you guys who've clicked here because you have slightly different 'personal' reasons for buying lingerie then you can probably stop reading now.

Now if the red vinyl garter belt with thigh highs is what you want then you've probably got a problem, when it comes to getting her in your choice of lingerie then you've really got to think classy, not trashy.

What we need to establish is there is a difference between what you want her to wear and what she'll actually wear… but don't despair just yet, a compromise can be reached, so read on and get ready for the silk-lined ride of your life.

Here are seven suggestions for getting her something for her, not something for you.

1. Kick it up a notch

Try to buy things she normally wears and just turn the sexiness up a little. If she usually wears a t-shirt and flannel pyjamas to bed, take it one step further to a baby doll for a more daring choice.

2. Underwear individuality

Base the lingerie on her personality. If she's daring and assertive, go for the novelty lingerie. But if she's more reserved, she'd prefer something subtle. If you're unsure you can't really go wrong with the most flattering underwear; lacy boy shorts.

3. Size matters

Don't go into the store and measure up the sales associate to determine your wife or girlfriend's size ("Umm, she's about your size," is a line that could mean you get asked to leave – or maybe slapped). Do some investigative work. Open up her underwear drawer and check out the sizes before you go shopping. Also, peek in her wardrobe to find out all her sizes, so you can at least narrow it down to small, medium, or large.

4. How big are they anyway?

If you've ever wanted to know how women determine the 36 in 36-26-38, here's the gist.

  • She measures her chest diameter, just below her breasts.
  • Add 5 to this number to get a number usually between 32-40 (the band size).
  • To get cup size, she measures the diameter of her chest directly over her nipples
  • The difference between these two numbers determines cup size (for every inch, you go up a size, so to be a D-cup the difference between the two numbers would be 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches.)

If this makes no sense, then don't worry about it – it's easier to cheat anyway – see suggestion three , above.

5. Recognize her assets

A man should be aware of his lady's favourite and least favourite assets and try to select a lingerie option that caters to that. Women with smaller breasts usually like a cleavage enhancing option for special occasions, while a woman with larger breasts prefers an unpadded option. If she doesn't like to show too much skin, slip options are sexy and could be what you need.

6. Comfort counts

Still confused? You can't really go wrong with sleepwear or a robe. Choose a slip with a bathrobe and remember in winter, most women like to have their shoulders covered. If you buy a little slip, cami or babydoll get a little robe to go with it for her to wear until she goes to bed.

7. Underneath it all

Remember if it's for day-to-day wear then try and make her feel as classy as possible. Buy her lingerie that she can wear under her clothes, but still feel sexy, not slutty. A lot of women like to feel sexy during the day, by wearing something under their clothing that can crossover from daywear into night. Even when she's at work, it will make her feel sexy to know she's wearing something special underneath, and hopefully she'll be thinking about the man who bought her that something special - all day.

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