Crazy, Sexy, Strange: The Top 10 Wildest Places You've Had Sex

When we asked you to tell us the strangest place you've ever had sex, we expected the usual backseats, bathrooms and parents' bedrooms. But we never imagined that one of you would actually have done it in a hot air balloon over Australia! Your answers ranged from barely naughty to brazenly illegal! Our criteria for selecting the top 10 were simple. Shock us. Or, make us jealous. And in case you're wondering, you did -- both.

10. Finally, a reason to go the library
"During college I worked at the campus library with my boyfriend. One day he found me re-shelving books, and suggested that we take a break. We went to the top floor, which was a mezzanine with a few chairs and tables, and he made love to me right there in the open. After that, we never did get much work done together."

9. Beats watching a PowerPoint presentation
"On the office conference table! I lost an earring and spent weeks discreetly looking for it at every subsequent meeting."

8. To think of all the looting they passed up
"A few years ago there was a blackout in my city that lasted hours. I got bored of sitting around my apartment with my boyfriend -- so I grabbed a flashlight and took him to the stairwell. It was dark and stuffy, but I still remember the way the stairwell echoed when we started kissing. We didn't get caught -- but next time I'd bring a candle instead of a flashlight."

7. True story or Red Shoe Diary?
"My boyfriend and I were at a fancy hotel restaurant. Our table had a long, white cotton tablecloth. My boyfriend pretended he was picking up a fork from the floor and proceeded to perform oral sex on me. It was very exciting. When the waiter came to take our orders he asked where my date had gone. I couldn't help but laugh when I told the waiter he went to the bathroom and wouldn't be back any time soon!"

6. Driving my way?
My boyfriend and I had sex in the Lincoln tunnel going into New Jersey. You're not supposed to switch lanes in a tunnel but I think he couldn't help it! We almost caused an accident that night but I think we both would have died happy."

5. Bar owners, take heed. Especially if you're in Atlanta
"My date and I were waiting for a table in a crowded bar at the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead in Atlanta. People were all around us packed in tight. Nobody seemed to notice when we had a quickie right there in the bar! Hey, if they make you wait two hours to be seated, you have to do something to stay entertained! We definitely worked up an appetite."

4. All in a day's work
"In my early years of college I worked at a video store that had an "adult video" room. One night while I was closing up, my boyfriend picked me up at the store for our date. He patiently waited for me while I put videos away. When I headed to go to the adult room with a stack of returned porn -- he followed me back there and we had sex on the floor surrounded by all the X-rated movies. It was very erotic."

3. If doing it your way means doing the Humpty Dance, so be it
"'I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom' ... literally!"

2. From boot camp to secret booty. Military life doesn't sound so bad after all
"I had sex in the back seat of a Greyhound bus going through Kentucky on my way home from Air Force basic training. I had gone without sex for eight weeks when this really sexy guy from Missouri sat down next to me. There were a lot of people on the bus. But it was worth the risk!"

1. And finally, as always, sin is definitely in
"When I was 18, my boyfriend I snuck into a church during Mass, and he used his hands to teach me a thing or two about prayer. I never thought the name of our Lord so many times in my life!"

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