Sexual Addiction

Although people in our communities know that it is a real social difficulty, sexual addiction is not discussed much in the media as a real addiction. In many ways, sexual addiction is very similar to gambling or drug addiction. While a drug addict becomes addicted to chemical changes in the brain because of his drug of choice, a sexual addict has become addicted to the chemical changes in the brain caused by sexual activity.

A person suffering from sexual addiction uses sex as an escape from problems and a way to fight depression. Sexual addiction may begin quite "innocently" with addiction to masturbation or porn but can develop into more dangerous and bizarre sexual behavior. Just as with any addiction, sexual addiction can result in loss of job, financial problems, lack of interest in hobbies, trouble with the law and relationship problems.

Here are some of the warning signs that you or someone else may suffer from sexual addiction:

  • Multiple sex partners on a regular basis

  • Bizarre sexual behavior

  • Sex with complete strangers

  • Abusive behavior during sex

  • Shame about sexual activities

  • Inability to stop the compulsion to have sex

  • Constant preoccupation with sex

  • Sex in uncomfortable and unsafe surroundings

  • Inability to be happy in a relationship

  • Trouble with the law due to voyeurism, prostitution, indecent exposure,...

  • Repeated unsafe sex

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