A Top 10 Fact Sheet on Breasts

Mike Hardcastle,
  1. Breasts can start growing as early as age 10 and don't stop until your early 20's.
  2. Breasts have been overly sexualized in Western culture making them too big a part of a girls physical identity.
  3. Breasts have a biological purpose - for feeding babies.
  4. Having a baby changes ones breasts forever, and many women get larger (but much less perky) breasts after pregnancy.
  5. During puberty breasts can develop rapidly causing discomfort, sensitivity and even stretch marks .
  6. Larger breasts do not make a girl more feminine, sexier or better.
  7. Very large breasts can cause back pain and poor posture.
  8. Bras are more than just underwear, they are necessary to keep your breasts supported and to stop injury to the breast tissue while playing sports..
  9. Breast cancer is rare in teen aged girls but it is important to get used to checking your breasts for lumps and irregularities as soon as you start having your period - this is especially important if you have a family history of breast cancer.
  10. All breasts, no matter what size and no matter what guys may say, are beautiful and amazing to the opposite sex!

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