How to... land a one-night stand

Sometimes it's better to avoid the whole relationship thing and be a single man. To satisfy your manly needs however then maybe your looking for the one-night stand that could make you go from complete stranger to knocking boots with a woman in the space of an evening.

To be honest, not many men can get a one-night stand. It's a challenge that requires a number of skills and a good understanding of women in general.

It's usually much easier to get them to sleep with you after a few dates but be careful this will normally involve an emotional contact that could be difficult to shake off.

Read the women
Some women look for one-night stands - spot them. If you want to be successful in this arena then you've got to learn to pick out the women who'll be susceptible to your advances.

The most important type you're looking for is a woman with low self-esteem. Thankfully enough, these often can be the most beautiful women, so bear that in mind when you're wondering if you have the confidence to approach the knockout at the bar.

You're also looking for a woman that has a good association with her own body and you’ll know this by the way she dresses – usually tight, brightly coloured clothing. If she's self-conscious she'll never feel comfortable enough with you in one night to sleep with you.

Play on her low self-esteem, a few well-placed compliments go a long way. But watch out, too many and she'll see through you, view you as a 'player' and put her defences up instantly.

Build connection and trust
Connection occurs when she starts thinking, "I feel like I've known this guy for years!" You can build that by mirroring her activities, speaking in her language and echoing her own belief system.

The point of this is to get her to let her guard down. A little alcohol will help too, but keep this to a minimum. If she gets drunk you're going to be out of the game and there's also new legal implications regarding the boundaries for consensual sex so avoid the temptation to get her drunk.

Move the conversation on
You want your conversation to start moving toward sex. Get her thinking about a one-night stand with you, but don't be too blatant about it. Use subtle clues like the double (or single) entendre; ask her about what she finds most sexy in a man; let her give you examples from her own past, etc. These tools get her to start thinking about sex - especially having sex with you.

Keep her focus using your eyes
This actually is a light form of hypnosis. By keeping her eyes focused directly in your eyes, and yours in hers, you're actually narrowing her focus. This helps to deepen the connection she feels, and therefore the trust and security. You're closing in on your goal.

Set the hook and then pull away
She has to be left wanting more and there is a great way to do this. First of all get her going using the above and when the signals are showing that she's interested, move away.

She'll be displaying some pretty obvious signs - leaning in toward you, showing you her palms and wrists, playing with her hair etc.

This is the time you want to say, "Well it was nice meeting you", and turn and walk away! This may seem a little strange but the effect will be worth it because you're going to snap her back to reality - where she doesn't want to be.

It will be her job to recreate those great feelings again and soon enough she'll chase after you and say, "Oh, wait..." This is a good time to tell her that you're getting tired of the bar and are interested in going somewhere else, (like her place!)

Let her think it was her idea
If she thinks that sleeping together is your idea, she's going to be hesitant. If she believes it's her idea - with your help of course - she's going to be much more receptive.

Be responsible

There is plenty of fun to be had but make sure that you're taking responsibility for your actions in what is a risky ball game – so to speak!

You must absolutely, positively use protection at all times. Even if she claims she's on the Pill you still have to wear a condom because there's a lot more potential damage available than just a baby. Play it safe and enjoy - no hassles, no woman complaining that you don't romance her anymore and no sobbing chats about your relationship's destination.

No tears, just sex.

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